Fonuding in 1904, to the 200 years

think Earth, keep Green,  make Energy

“Kuga Shoten” found in 1904

Began with lumber auction >>
On the lumber market in Osaka, Kuga Shoten sold more than half of the whole sales at the time, and established market place first in Osaka(1947).
Later, Kuga Shoten decided to organize Japan Lumber Auction Market Organization (1953).
This Kuga-Shoten’s foresight got a good reputation from business community.

Thanks to woods >>
The idea of tree-planting which Dr. Northrop introduced to Japan moved profoundly a lot of people who work with the nature including us.
We made a book written Dr. Northrop to let people know a lot about his way of thinking and donated it to elementary and junior high schools nationwide.
Furthermore, we established the tree planting funds and donated voluntarily to them every year. We have kept having a great affection to wood for a long time and focused on take ecological actions to convey the green-conscious spirit to children.

Transition >>
While rapid economy growth,Japanese culture had changed little by little.
Along with this change, we were also forced to change business outlines and strategies.
It was big turning point for us. Here, we restarted as a service wholesaler.

Next generation >>
The usage of wood has been increasing more and more. Promotion to use wood to non-residential fields, or recent aggressive use of wood for public facilities, is given as examples. Market environment has changed dramatically now in housing industry.
Under these difficult situations, we are going to put more emphasis on wood sales. And also we have to struggle to respond to the changes about renewable energy or shifting IT society.