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Business Building Materials/
Housing Equipment

Provide solutions against problems
(sick house syndrome, allergy)

Instead of the comfort made by air conditioning appliance, a house of high air-tightness and high heat insulation causes condensation.

Condensation leads to the increase of allergy-causing substances,for example, a tick, mold and house dust.
Considering that formaldehyde causes chemical sensitivity, it can be said that we have to take consideration in choosing building materials.

Now there have been a little progress in our industry. Recycled paper panel, and ecological building materials develops for the human health
and global environment. In addition, it is found that solid wood has an effect to restrain reproduction and to deodorize the air.

The demand for natural materials is more increasing recently. Especially in Japan, some local authorities decided to draw up
“Basic Policy for Lumber Use”, and lumber usage at some places like kindergartens, shops and restaurants becomes very popular.progress.

Commodities focused on Barrier Free,
Saving-Energy, Ecology

The diversification of electrical appliances goes up the amount of consumption of electricity in individual households.

Although most electric appliances have a function which can save energy,only using this kind of appliances is not enough to lower the amount of consumed energy.

The better ways we can choose is using a solar power generation system, or combining solar power generation system with EMS (energy management system).

The former can generate energy at daytime,and can use generated energy anytime, even at the time power failure happens.

The latter is a new solution by utilizing IT technology, which can manage whole consumed energy in individual households.

Controlling storage battery, housing equipment and electric appliances functionally, further save energy and as a result, the emission of carbon dioxide will decrease.

And also,EMS would expand the possibilities or variety of housing equipment.
Aging society, double-income family and child-rearing have developed housing equipment.
It means that changes of customers’ lifestyle leads to changes of living space.
Along with these changes,we intend to have a foresight and realize advanced proposal all the time.