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At first, we started our business with lumber auction. Afterwards, with a number of new building materials appearance, we have developed ourselves as a service wholesaler in the housing market. Our affection for “wood” and know-how we have obtained is deep.

However, the matter is how we can make use of these experiences. The important thing for us is to make ideas standing on the customer’s part and to cast questions ourselves “What do people really want?”, “What is the goods make people can feel happier”, or “What is the added value anyone can be satisfied?“
And also we hope that housing industry is in a continuing prosperity, so that we are trying to invent support systems for building material dealers and builders, and we are waiting for any chances we can help our partners in whole business areas.

As a service wholesaler, we would like to offer our suggestions to our partners. We assure you that it should make our life richer and richer.