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Kuga Corporation has a long history for 110 years. At first, we started business with lumber auction market 110 years ago. Then, we started dealing with building materials and pre-cut wood making the best use of our knowledge about wood. We’ ve expanded our business areas related to housing industry since then. Two business areas, dealing with building materials and pre-cut wood, have become our main business areas now. In addition to these business areas, we are going to expand our businesses in other areas as well from now on. To specify, we are determined to make deep inroads into renewable power industry and commercial building market. Therefore, becoming a competitive
company in these business areas is our urgent task for now.

On the other hand, we are going to expand our business oversea as well. As eco-friendlycommodity, wood has already been known all over the world. We have been familiar with wood for a long time and accumulated practical knowledge, know-how about it. And then,we would like to make the best use of our advantages for people living overseas.

Finally, we are looking for a partner company to cooperate with us in building up a solid market for renewable energy and building materials as well as lumber industry in your country. We assure you that cooperating with us will lead you to your customers’ satisfaction. And, we hope this company profile becomes the first step in building a good relationship with you in the near future.